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“Susan Gayle’s passion shines through in this deeply personal and well-researched WWII tale. Her compelling characters and vivid prose draw the reader into a captivating world of war, sacrifice, family and the kindness of humans that not only transcends cultures, but generations. Trust me, this is a must read!” —Brad Taylor,  NYT bestselling author of the Pike Logan series 


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After he and his buddy survive the bloody landing on the beaches of Salerno, Frank Moster is more determined than ever to play a part in liberating his birth parents’ homeland from the Nazi scourge. What he doesn’t expect is that he’ll become personally involved with two Italian families whose lives are being ravaged, first by the German occupation and now by the brutal fighting and deadly bombings on the heels of the Allied invasion – or that, for the second time in his life, he’ll come face to face with the heartache and trauma of being orphaned at a very young age. When all three of these forces collide at the Battle of San Pietro, lives will be changed forever and unbreakable bonds will be forged between families half a world apart.

The granddaughter of a Gold Star military family, Susan Gayle is an avid lover of history, a charter member of the New Orleans WWII Museum, and a physician. She turned her hand to fiction when she discovered the source materials that led to “The Caves of San Pietro.” Read more . . .