Bike Ride

The Bicycle Journey



The bikes packed and ready to go.







Tony (left) and Frank preparing to depart Muenster, TX — destination: New York City.

An “easier to follow” view and as I originally plotted it from Frank and Tony’s journals onto a large wall map of the US. Each night’s stop noted by a small dot.


(Left) One of the Scholastic Note Books Frank and Tony used as journals to record their adventure. (Below) Their autograph book.


At the end of each day, Frank and Tony recorded the day’s events. Samples of their journal entries.




Some of the dozens of autographs Frank and Tony collected during their travels. Clockwise from upper right: Walter A. Huxman, Governor of Kansas; Richard W. Reading, Mayor of Detroit; R. C. Day, Mayor of Toronto; Jack Dempsey; John Boyd Thatcher II, Mayor of Albany, NY

The New York Yankees


The odometer of Frank’s bike showing 8834.0 miles. That includes the 8,300 miles of the 1938 cross-country journey plus additional miles from Steve using the bike to go to and from work.  On the right, the bicycles as they’ve been restored.